I’m Now Available to Skype with Classrooms!

Aubre Skyping with a ClassroomI had so much fun Skyping with the students at Madison Elementary that I decided to make it a permanent part of my career. I’m now a member of the Skype an Author Network and I’m listed on Kate Messner’s List of Authors who Skype with Classes and Book Clubs. Hopefully that will help get my name out there to classrooms across the country. I’d be more than happy to do in-person school visits as well, especially in the Chicago area.

Most authors offer free 15-20 minute Skype Q&A sessions with schools, and I am one of them. For more in-depth paid presentations (45-60 minutes), I can tailor the conversation to whatever your classroom is currently covering, but here are the topics I especially like to speak about:

  • the interesting kinds of non-fiction writing that is out there
  • the differences and overlap between fiction and non-fiction
  • the various formats for sharing this information from print to web
  • how to bring content to life with words and photos/illustrations
  • the creative process including brainstorming and editing

Because I have a varied writing background and can list magazine editor, newspaper editor, blogger, author, freelance writer, and social media consultant as past or current professions, I have a lot to share about the wonderful world of writing. Paid visits will include a book giveaway at the end of the conversation with one free signed copy provided by me. If you’re a teacher or know of one, pass my name along! I create this Author Visits section on my website with more information.