Cover Reveal: Project You


Here’s a sneak peak at my latest book, which comes out September 1, 2017 by Capstone Publishing. I’m really proud of this one — it tackles mental health for teens in an approachable and proactive way. The activities, advice, and projects in this book will not cure more serious mental health issues, but they sure can help deal with the stresses of teen life on a day to day basis whether a teen is over-scheduled, overwhelmed, unorganized, feeling blue, lacking confidence, or just plain tired. Here’s the description from Amazon:

Find your balance. Make a protein-packed smoothie to energize for a busy day. Center yourself after a stressful week by taking five minutes to write in your journal. Strengthen your body and calm your mind with simple yoga poses and breathing techniques. Craft a vision board to help you achieve your goals. Create a time budget to organize your schedule. Develop an evening routine that will help you wind down before sleep.  Award-winning author Aubre Andrus shares more than 50 do-right-now projects that will help you beat stress, smile big, and discover a calmer, more blissful you.

Like my last book, this one is broken up into a series of library books as well. I’m so in loooove with the illustrations from Veronica Collignon. They’re just gorgeous!