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Wouldn’t It Be Awesome If … You Moved to NYC?

My friend Natalie did, and I e-nterviewed her to find out how she made it happen.

Name: Natalie Rhoads
Age: 25
Occupation: Programme Assistant, Child Protection, UNICEF

Why did you want to move to NYC?
I moved for a couple different reasons. One, I had lived in Madison, Wisconsin most of my life, so when I graduated I figured if I was ever going to move far away, that would be my opportunity.  Secondly, I knew I wanted to move somewhere that would be a challenge.  I knew moving to NYC would be difficult, but if I could make it there I could make it anywhere (as they say).  Lastly, I thought the job opportunities in NYC would be the most exciting.

How did you make it work?
I volunteered in Africa for the summer after college. I came back in August and decided to just buy a plane ticket that left for NYC two weeks later.  I called my friend who already lived in NYC and asked if I could stay with her for what I thought would be only a couple weeks. Little did I know it would take a month-and-a-half for me to finally get an apartment and two months for me to get a job. In the meantime, I worked with temp agencies, which I highly recommend!

How did you find a place to live?
Craigslist.  Finding an apartment in NYC is a completely different experience. This is a very long story within itself and only a year later do I finally feel like I’m starting to get the hang of it (after moving many, many times)!

What is most different about NYC compared to the midwest?
The hodge podge of people that live here.  There are so many interesting people that call this place home and all the new friends I meet have such different upbringings and backgrounds than my own. It’s great because we learn so much from each other.  Back in the midwest, most people had the same values and backgrounds, so I am learning a lot from new friends.

What is the best part?
Every day, at some point, I walk down the street and it hits me. I live in New York City! There are so many bars, restaurants, people to meet . . . there’s never a dull moment.

What is the worst part?
The cost of living and being away from my family.

Any advice for someone who wants to move to NYC?
Do your research! It is difficult to even get an interview without a NYC address. If possible, move here first after making some contacts. Ask around to make connections because that is the way you’ll find a job and an apartment.  Most importantly, know that it will all work out so remain positive!

Thanks for sharing, Natalie!

Photo from Natalie Rhoads