Marketing Copywriting and Copyediting for Startups: FAQ & Portfolio

“Aubre is the prime example of what you’re looking for from a freelance editor and content writer. She’s reliable, punctual, and always looking to bend over backwards to help. Her efforts have led the way for our company to implement a consistent social media strategy and build our brand from day one. On the professional side, her copyediting and content creation has helped close multiple deals and effectively message our value proposition.” - Shawn Geller, Co-Founder & CEO at

I’ve done the in-house thing, I’ve freelanced for agencies, and I’ve worked directly with companies. Right now, I’m focusing on working with startups because I have an entrepreneurial heart and I want to help startups succeed with words. Read my complete FAQ on copyediting and copywriting for startups, which includes pricing information. I’ve also got a serious list of testimonials you should check out.

Q. What services do you offer?
Editing and writing. I can edit, re-write, or write your home page, “about us” story, personal LinkedIn bio, mobile app copy, web copy, FAQ page, Kickstarter campaign, product descriptions, social media copy, taglines for your brand, email headlines and copy, banner ads… the list goes on and on.

Q. What’s a copyeditor and why do I need one anyway?
A. Copyeditors are word nerds who double-check your spelling and grammar. As a startup, you don’t want to look like an idiot to potential customers or potential investors. And a spelling mistake, grammar error, or misplaced name can really piss someone off. You’re better than that. I can help you look professional.

I’ve copyedited meeting agendas, extremely important decks for potential new clients, reports for investors, webpage copy, store signage, product labels and tags, emails – you name it, I’ve copyedited it.

As an editor, I’ll check for spelling and grammar mistakes as well as consistency errors in your writing, grammar, branding, and design. I’ll also do a little wordsmith-ing so your points are expressed clearly and concisely. I might teach you a few things along the way like when to use its vs. it’s, why I love the serial comma, why I want to die every time I see two spaces after a period, and why a brand/editorial guide is a fantastic idea for any new business.

Q. And why do I need a copywriter? What’s that?
 copywriter is a writer of copy not a copyrighter. (I’m not a lawyer.) Copywriters are different from journalists because copywriters write words that sell – advertisements, web copy, and commercials are all written by copywriters.

Q. Why should YOU be my copywriter or copyeditor?
A. I was a marketing copywriter and social media copywriter at EXPRESS for two years as well as a magazine editor at American Girl for 4+ years and a college newspaper editor before that. So I have a unique blend of marketing savvy, reporting, and creative writing that makes for punchy copy that’s fun to read while still informative and sales-focused.

Also – and this is important – I’m a full-time freelance writer who works from home at all hours. I’m currently available via text message and email at basically anytime. I will admit that I’ve copyedited decks after midnight for one startup’s early morning meeting. If you text me, “Hey can you edit this real quick?” it’s likely that I can.

Q. How do I contact you?
Contact me today. Or shoot me an email at or call me at six-oh-eight-seven-seven-oh-oh-seven-oh-two. P.S. I do social media  as well.